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Płomień 2 heating stove

plomien22The metal "Płomień 2" heating stove is designated for heating rooms of 60 to 90 m3. It can be used in residential houses, construction crew containers, rest rooms. Sorted black or brown coal should be used as a fuel, with grain of 10-50 mm. Coal dust, unsorted coal and waste of any type cannot be used in this stove. The stove design ensures good cooling of exhaust gases, burning of burning parts in the exhaust gas, easy control of air inflow, at least ten hours burning of a single fuel dose (without additional operations) and a possibility to prolong burning after that time without a need to rekindle.



Technical data – Coal burning Płomień 2 TK.4 stove
Stove dimensions:
Height – 790 mm
Width – 510 mm
Depth – 413 mm
Stove weight – ca. 110 kg
Heated room size – 60 – 90 m3
Distance from the middle of the exhaust gas outlet to the floor – 615 mm
Outer diameter of an exhaust pipe connector - 110 mm
Chimney draft [nominal] – 10 Pa
Stove efficiency – ca. 61%
Nominal heating capacity ca. 6.5 kW at 70% efficiency, 1.21 kg of coal provided during one hour of net calorific value 25500 kJ/kg

Max. exhaust gases temperature °C – 380
Available fuel according to PN-EN 12815, Tab. B.2
Black coal assortment PN-82/G-97001 – Nut II – OII
Black coal for energy purposes – PN-82/G-97003

The metal stove body is made of spot-welded sheets. The top panel, feeding and grate doors, vent, pipe connector and grates are made of cast iron. The stove housing is made of steel sheets. The stove is lined with chamotte bricks.

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