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Płomień 4 heating stove

plomien42The Płomień 4 heating stove is a new product in our range. The Company's long experience in stove production allowed creation of Płomień 4, thus expanding the Company's range. It is distinguished by its unique shape and exceptional finish and design. Its shape and line will match design of any interior. It can be used in houses, garden lodges, rest rooms or summer houses. A glazed grate door will ensure unforgettable sensations of direct contact with burning fire. It is equipped with a top cast iron panel with a ring, glazed grate door, movable grate, upper and lower vent, exhaust gas outlet with adjustable throttle, and is lined with chamotte bricks.


Technical data – Wood burning Płomień 4 TK.6 stove
Stove dimensions:
Height – ca. 780 mm
Width – 492 mm
Depth – 440 mm
Stove weight – ca. 82 kg
Distance from the middle of the exhaust gas outlet to the floor – 664 mm
Outlet diameter - 131 mm
Chimney draft [nominal] – 12 Pa
Stove efficiency – ca. 67%
Nominal heating capacity ca. 8.5 kW, at the 67% efficiency, with fed wood weight of 3.2 kg
Max. exhaust gases temperature °C – 440
Exhaust gas mass flow (g/s) – 8.0 g/s
Available fuels according to PN-EN 12815 tab. B.2


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